Search engine optimisation is changing

Its not just about the keywords and meta information you flood your pages with. It’s also about your users experience and most importantly your sites performance.

First impressions count. We’ve heard this over and over in our lifetime, and its as true then as it is now. Having anything that could cause your new potential visitor to feel anger, stress or to lose focus is the worst thing that can happen after all the work you’ve put in.

Anger?! Oh yes, take a look at the stresses of the web without optimisation…

Stress Free Optimisation

Web Stress

“78% of users say they’ve felt stress or anger while using a slow website”

strangeloop – Slow website infographic

Stress is an ever growing problem in the hustle and bustle of modern life. It can have huge a impact on our decision making ability, including our subsequent actions. Nowhere is this seen more than on the web.

“4% of people have thrown their phone while using a slow mobile website!”

strangeloop – Slow website infographic

These are devastating statistics, but are prime examples of how customers will not stand for ill performance in today’s day and age. Thus proving optimisation to be critical to a new sites success.

Sales Optimisation

Shopping Basket Abandonment

“Research shows 40% of us will search online before looking anywhere else for a product.”

blueclaw – An infographic on UK e-commerce statistics you should know

So customers are checking my E-commerce but why’s no one buying?

In today’s competitive market, simply having the product at a reasonable price is just not good enough…

57% of us will abandon a page after a load time of 3 seconds, while 44% say that slow online transactions make them anxious about the success of the transaction.

strangeloop – Slow website infographic

Simplistic Optimisation

Clicking a link should be like flicking a page in a book.

“Studies show that we have to concentrate up to 50% harder when using slow websites.”

strangeloop – Slow website infographic

When a customer visits a website, they have a pre-existing expectation of how that site should act. That no matter the sites amazing content, design or snazzy development if these expectations are not met the result is the same, lost business.

Optimisation of websites around these expectations, prevents customer frustration. By insuring every viewer can instinctively navigate every element of the site, in a timely fashion. Increasing the chance of purchase completion and return custom.

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