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Web Applications

So, you are interested in a web app for your business.

The market for off the shelf solutions is vast, although configuration to make them fulfil your businesses every need can be arduous.

But I want a bespoke application?

When we develop bespoke applications, they are tailored 100% to your every business need. We do not just give you a table with loads of information, because we understand data without meaning is useless. Once given meaning, filtered and/or ordered this is when information can be effectively processed and manipulated in the ways your business require.

Lets start talking about your business today and build tools, to help you make powerful decisions, using your data intelligently.

Lets make the computers do what they where suppose to do, make our life easier. Talk to us today about your web app, from creation to building plug-ins for an existing applications, we’re here to help.

bespoke web app

Our Bespoke Web Applications

A lot of what you came to love with native applications, is now achievable with a web app. No need to install anything, just type into any web browser and you have access to your system anywhere at any time.

web app experience

An Experience you can feel!

Using the latest technologies, we are able to provide interactive interfaces. These are far more enriched with functionality that scale to the devices boundaries. We’ve come along way from the days of a scrolling marquee!

Secure web app

We know security

You need military security web application, check. We’re proficient in cryptography. Just take a look at our fully encrypted backup or messenger service. Our business grade security is also leading edge, we can secure your data’s transmission despite your location.

Feel secure that there will never be a man in the middle attack on your data, we’ve already blocked it. We can also provide more secure login facilities, like two factor authentication.

Get in contact for more information…

efficient web app

Power of 1001 computers

Having a web app enables you to Host your system in a variety of ways. With the ability to take full advantage of cloud computing’s efficiency. With the power of thousands of servers while only paying for your usage.

Similarly using JavaScript within the web application, enables us to use the customers browser to efficiently prepare and secure information. Thus freeing up the server to handle potentially another of your customer’s requests.

With a web app, your application can be optimised to stop resources from being requested each time you visit. We call it the cache, we use it to store the items that rarely change. This allows you to save data if you’re using a mobile device, but also allows you to browse much more efficiently. The less you have to download, the faster the load time, ensuring your repeat custom a service they deserve.

Web app everywhere

No Internet No Application?

That was the case once, not any more, bring to the stage a new feature called Cache Manifest. We are now able to provide a much more in depth offline experience with a web app. Akin to what you would experience on an native application which likewise require an internet connection to interact synchronously.

cost effictive web app

What about the cost?

There’s one thing that sets us apart from native applications. It is that building for multiple platforms and devices is extremely time consuming. When we build a web application, we’re building for the web. All these devices from Windows Linux, Apple and Android all support the web. Just like DNA is the language of life.

“Adding iPad compatibility when building an iPhone app, can add up to 50% to the development costs of a project.”Ryan Matzner, writer for Mashable

Web app

We are always here…

Once your dream has been created, we’ll be here for anything you further desire along with a 30% discount.

We provide warranty on your web app for 2 years. If anything happens to break out of your means of control due to updates in the systems, we will happily fix free of charge. This can be extended to 5 years for as little as £200.00.


We can supply hosting from as little as £20.00 per month on our cloud servers.

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