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Get your business, online with a fresh Website Design

We get it, everyone has a website. Why are we even bothering?

Honestly, it is our passion. We love making someone’s dream a reality, as a result our work shows this passion. So, if you are looking for a new website design, or even if you’re tired with your existing website provider and you want a fresh glance, we’re here waiting.

So, what can you do?

Try us and we’ll tell you straight if its going to be able to do what you desire. There are rules for the web which are enforced by web browsers to keep you secure. These rules enforce barriers to what we can and can’t do. We know these barriers before the website design, but we can’t be so sure about our competitors.

Responsive Design

A view for each platform.

Optimising your website for the best experience from the desktop, the sofa or on the road.

Traditionally website design for mobile was largely text based, a completely separate abstract view of the website. In today’s coming age of technology, we can make your entire website viewable on almost all devices.

Tablets are the largest adoption of any device. A lot of website creators forget that tablets have the ability to provide the same user experience as on Desktop or Laptop utilising the ability of touch interaction.

Mobiles come in all shapes and sizes. Our job is to make sure your site supports them all. After all, Forrester predicts 500% growth in the next five years.
strangeloop – Slow website infographic

Website Design Management

Managing your website, no charge!

How can I edit my site?

Glad you asked, we’re really good at WordPress. If you’re already on WordPress, great then its a match made in heaven for us both. If not, its not too late to jump on board, we will happily take you through modifying your website in no time.

Can you make plugins for WordPress too?

Yup, we can indeed! Get in touch now.

But… I don’t want WordPress.

No problem, we can implement any Content Management System of your choice and incorporate your ideal website design. Or if you are looking for a bespoke application, we can do this also. Get in touch and we can talk you through each step of providing you a cost effective, value for money solution.

E-commerce Website Design

What about e-commerce?

Let’s get you selling online in a jiffy, it doesn’t need to be expensive.

E-commerce has shown consistent growth each year, with these figures growing exponentially with the number of devices that can facilitate online transactions. Retail giants such as John Lewis have seen the advantage of this sales avenue with its “online click and collect service accounting for more than 40% of its orders”.

blueclawsearch – An infographic on UK e-commerce statistics you should know

We have experience working with some of the biggest online e-commerce solutions. Whether you’d like a fully comprehensive Magento store or an easy-to-manage WooCommerce solution, we can get you there.

The internet is an ever growing market, get in contact to start setting up your shop!

website afteracare

I have my website, now what?

Once your dream has been created, we’ll be there each step of the way along with a 30% discount.

We provide warranty on all sites for 2 years. If anything happens to break out of your means of control due to updates in systems, we will happily repair free of charge. This can be extended to 5 years for as little as £100.00.


We can facilitate Hosting of all shapes and sizes from as little as £5 per month on our UK servers.

Managed Website Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We can manage your entire website for you, including management and support for your domain, hosting and website. We have Service Level Agreements we can discuss which will keep your site resilient to any downtime or increase in traffic which can affect performance in an expanding business.

Website Backup

We have our own fully encrypted backup service which we can tailor to you. From instantaneous back up to monthly or incremental backups, with data retention to suit.

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